Cooling baked cakes

1. to cool the final baked result, Put the pan on a wire rack for 15-30 minutes.  loosen the cake sides by using butter knife around the pan. invert and tap the pan gently to release the cake.
plain cakes

2. Let the cake completely in cool condition right before decorating, then you can Frost and decorate as desired. if you don' do that the heat will melt the frosting and icing.
plain cakes

Baking cakes process

1. Put the pans on the preheated oven, make sure it is on the center rack . Don't let oven wall touch the pans.
2. Close the preheated oven and set baking time as recipes request on the oven timer . make sure that your cake won't under or over cook by set the median time if there's a range of time specified on the recipe. you can turn the oven light on and see through the oven window to check your pans, don't open the oven as it will release the heat and your cake will be wimpy. do it carefully if you really have to.
3. cake doneness checking. Gently insert a toothpick or cake tester on the cake's center.  the cake is done If the cake tester comes out with a few small crumbs on it, or better, it comes out clean. If not, put the pan back in the oven for next 3 to 4 minutes. Keep testing it with toothpick or cake tester for the same time amount until you get the desired  result.

Measuring and Mixing the Ingredients in baking cakes

Measuring: Measure the recipe ingredients as precisely as you can and get them in the specified recipe order. Usually cake recipes are begin with mixing dry recipe ingredients (cocoa, flour, baking powder,etc.), next, add the wet recipe ingredients (milk, eggs, and oil). Be careful and read the special directions like such as sifting, beating or whisking, and packing right before you put them in the main pan/bowl.

Mixing: Mix the batter as mentioned on the recipe. you can use stand or hand mixer if the recipes allow that. keep paying attention as recipe steps can instruct to put another ingredient of fold the flour with your cake spatula.  ensure everything is mixed thoroughly by stop occasionally then, with a spatula or spoon, scrape down the batter While mixing.

Pour the cake batter evenly into your prepared cakepans. the cake rises during baking process, so you must Fill the pans about 2/3 of the way full. tap the cakepan gently to release air bubbles inside the cake batter.

Getting Started in baking cakes

1. read the recipe directions and ingredient list before you start. It's necessary to have get ingredient you need ready to use. don't let your mistakes make you running in hurry to the grocery shop while doing preparation. you will fail the final achievement if there's something left out.

2. get the right pan(s) size and shape. some cakes need exact pans, while others can use variety of pan sizes. You might need cake-pan size-table for your reference.
cake pancake pancake pancake pan
avoid sticking by Grease the cake pans . Use vegetable shortening or butter and rub the pan's inner side and inner bottom. Sprinkle flour on top about 1 teaspoon. Shake then put away any excess flour and your pan is ready to use.
cake pan cake pan
3.make sure all ingredients are in the right room temperature degree, but if the recipe directs otherwise, do as what the recipes said. Main ingredients such as flour, sugar, vegetable oil, and water are usually stored at normal room temperature, while milk, butter and others may needs to be cold before the usage.

- Re-check the recipes those mention eggs, while usually cold eggs are requested for box mix cakes , cheesecakes and other similar recipes require room-temperate eggs. This affects the cake moist and texture.

4. heat the oven first to the required temperature as recipe request.

Baking cupcakes

baking cupcakes
bake a thing in your life, it's a challenge. and yes, first baking choice that everyone will choose is making cupcakes. They are tasty for a snack, easy and fun to make. so Why don't we start bake our lovely cupcakes now? take one shot of cupcakes and share the next 11 cupcakes with your buddy or freeze them for your treasure!

 as beginner baker, you can start with cupcakes and continue your hardwork to the more complicated baking techniques, or you just get it right there if you are satisfied and enjoy your cupcakes . the possibilities of making cupcakes techniques are endless if you want to learn.

get a recipe for your first move. there are plenty of sources to get cupcake recipe, even though any cake recipe is a great start. find recipe you like and tastes great for your tongue. If you love vanilla, look for a White russian cupcake recipe,but i guess it's for advanced baker, so get the plain cupcake recipe with vanilla frosting. that would be enough. go find reviews for your recipe choice.
baking cupcakesbaking cupcakes

Making cupcake batter. Follow the batter-make directions carefully, make it easier by Using a mixer. the proper measuring of ingredients is a key to bake perfect cupcakes

Grease the baking pans. grease each hole, but you can line them with cupcake liners. you don't need to grease the baking pans If you use these.
baking cupcakesbaking cupcakes
Pour the batter into each cupcake wells. Don't let the baking pans fulled by bater to the rim. They will rise, Fill each about 1/2 to 2/3 of the baking pans. they will spill out over the top if they are too full. Put the cupcake pan in the very middle of the oven.  If your oven can't provide evenly heat, then rotate the cupcakepan halfway through the baking time.

stick into the instructions. Insert a cake tester into one cupcake to find out whether they are finished. The toothpick should come out clean. , remove the pan from the oven and let them cool for about 5 minutes when cupcakes are finished.  remove them from the pan After 5 minutes and cool completely.
baking cupcakesbaking cupcakes
Decorate your cupcakes.

 start decorate your cupcakes and remember, your imagination is the boundary.  make  frosting from your favorite frosting recipe to start. Add colorful sprinkles, put a chocolate granules on the top of each your cupcake toppings. color them, anything. but the best decoration is is decoration that is well planned theme. your special friend birthday is a good theme start.

Baking, yes it's a Challenge

bakingbaking Baking the cake has a lot of advantages, besides certainly cheaper than buying a ready-made, healthier course. We know more hygienic process and materials used. And we can make it according to taste. But many people find that making the cake itself is not easy. Moreover, making it good to eat and did not fail. Lots of tips and tricks that can be learned from the mass media (magazines, tabloids, newspapers, books, websites to television) to avoid the hard work was worth it.

From all this, the basic and most important tip in baking is to practice often. Make the cake should be tried and through trial and error. In order to minimize the mistakes made during the process of making the cake, make a cake in a group is a good solution. For starters, look for a companion who is more expert in baking, a mentor who can supervise and teach. Better yet, if we want to follow the baking classes. That's the best way to learn the art of making cakes.