Baking cupcakes

baking cupcakes
bake a thing in your life, it's a challenge. and yes, first baking choice that everyone will choose is making cupcakes. They are tasty for a snack, easy and fun to make. so Why don't we start bake our lovely cupcakes now? take one shot of cupcakes and share the next 11 cupcakes with your buddy or freeze them for your treasure!

 as beginner baker, you can start with cupcakes and continue your hardwork to the more complicated baking techniques, or you just get it right there if you are satisfied and enjoy your cupcakes . the possibilities of making cupcakes techniques are endless if you want to learn.

get a recipe for your first move. there are plenty of sources to get cupcake recipe, even though any cake recipe is a great start. find recipe you like and tastes great for your tongue. If you love vanilla, look for a White russian cupcake recipe,but i guess it's for advanced baker, so get the plain cupcake recipe with vanilla frosting. that would be enough. go find reviews for your recipe choice.
baking cupcakesbaking cupcakes

Making cupcake batter. Follow the batter-make directions carefully, make it easier by Using a mixer. the proper measuring of ingredients is a key to bake perfect cupcakes

Grease the baking pans. grease each hole, but you can line them with cupcake liners. you don't need to grease the baking pans If you use these.
baking cupcakesbaking cupcakes
Pour the batter into each cupcake wells. Don't let the baking pans fulled by bater to the rim. They will rise, Fill each about 1/2 to 2/3 of the baking pans. they will spill out over the top if they are too full. Put the cupcake pan in the very middle of the oven.  If your oven can't provide evenly heat, then rotate the cupcakepan halfway through the baking time.

stick into the instructions. Insert a cake tester into one cupcake to find out whether they are finished. The toothpick should come out clean. , remove the pan from the oven and let them cool for about 5 minutes when cupcakes are finished.  remove them from the pan After 5 minutes and cool completely.
baking cupcakesbaking cupcakes
Decorate your cupcakes.

 start decorate your cupcakes and remember, your imagination is the boundary.  make  frosting from your favorite frosting recipe to start. Add colorful sprinkles, put a chocolate granules on the top of each your cupcake toppings. color them, anything. but the best decoration is is decoration that is well planned theme. your special friend birthday is a good theme start.

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