Getting Started in baking cakes

1. read the recipe directions and ingredient list before you start. It's necessary to have get ingredient you need ready to use. don't let your mistakes make you running in hurry to the grocery shop while doing preparation. you will fail the final achievement if there's something left out.

2. get the right pan(s) size and shape. some cakes need exact pans, while others can use variety of pan sizes. You might need cake-pan size-table for your reference.
cake pancake pancake pancake pan
avoid sticking by Grease the cake pans . Use vegetable shortening or butter and rub the pan's inner side and inner bottom. Sprinkle flour on top about 1 teaspoon. Shake then put away any excess flour and your pan is ready to use.
cake pan cake pan
3.make sure all ingredients are in the right room temperature degree, but if the recipe directs otherwise, do as what the recipes said. Main ingredients such as flour, sugar, vegetable oil, and water are usually stored at normal room temperature, while milk, butter and others may needs to be cold before the usage.

- Re-check the recipes those mention eggs, while usually cold eggs are requested for box mix cakes , cheesecakes and other similar recipes require room-temperate eggs. This affects the cake moist and texture.

4. heat the oven first to the required temperature as recipe request.

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